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The Museum

The Missouri Institute of Natural Science Museum houses hundreds of animal, plant, and mineral specimens. With free admission and a chance to come face-to-face with a triceratops, you have every reason to visit and no reason not to. 

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Nestled on institute grounds is a superb location to experience the thrill of hunting for fossils.  Exposed boulders provide some great examples of the types of fossils the Ozarks has to offer. Visitors to the institute are encouraged to hike up the hill and hunt for fossils of their own to take home with them. Rock hammers, picks, or chisels for use on the boulders are not allowed. Please collect only the fossils that are already loose.

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Fossil Hunting



Visitors are invited to take a relaxing stroll through the beautiful Ozarks countryside. Explore the magnificent trails that meander throughout the institute grounds. Keep an eye our for the many creatures that call Missouri home. These beautiful forrest trails give visitors a first hand experience of nature at its best. 


Research and Preservation

The Missouri Institute of Natural Science is committed to the exploration of prehistory, geology, and the natural world.  The on-site lab provides resident researchers an opportunity to expand their knowledge in various fields. Research and preservation remains ongoing for the many specimens and artifacts that call the museum home.