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The Museum

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Take a journey through Earth's past.

Check out the wide collection of prehistoric creatures, both large and small. ​The Museum hosts a wide range of artifacts and specimens, from dinosaurs to colonies of fossilized bacteria.  

This is just a small sampling from among the hundreds of specimens on display.

There are many more just waiting to be discovered inside the museum!


Come visit Henry the Triceratops!

In 2013, a group of researchers from MINS discovered Henry, a triceratops skeleton, in Weston county Wyoming. This amazing find now resides at the institute, where ongoing preservation and restoration work continues. Once the preservation work is complete, Henry will become a centerpiece exhibit at the museum.

Henry is approximately 40% complete. He is estimated to be 30% larger than any previous triceratops specimen discovered to date. Check out the diagram below to see what bones have been identified so far.

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