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Henry the Triceratops

Updated: Mar 30

The world's LARGEST Triceratops

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Full side view of Henry the triceratops, the largest triceratops found to date


Front view of Henry the Triceratops, the largest triceratops found to date

Henry the Triceratops was discovered in 2013 on a private ranch in Eastern Wyoming. The excavation site was located in a well-preserved area of rock showing signs of prehistoric rivers created during the upper cretaceous period approximately 66 mya(million years ago). When he was alive that area was a warm, lush marshland, similar to those found in Louisiana and Florida, and was in proximity to the Western Interior Seaway.

He weighs approximately 20 tons or the equivalent of a large fire truck. For comparison, Sue the most complete T-rex, weighs approximately 9 tons. He is estimated to be approximately 30% larger than any other Triceratops specimen to date.

 Due to his enormous size, many predators would not be willing to tussle with Henry. This leads researchers to believe he died of natural causes. Initially it was proposed that Henry was a very old Dinosaur when he passed away. However, more recently, bone histology proved that theory to be inaccurate and that Henry was most likely closer to an older teenager.

Henry the Triceratops fossil list
Fossils found of Henry (click to expand)

Because of Natural processes such as scavenging or the current of the marshland the bones we were unable to find such as the skull forearms, and toes were lost. Even with missing fossil bones Henry's skeleton is approximately 40-45% complete. He's is an important find because not only is he the worlds largest triceratops, he is also the first and only permanent exhibit of a fossilized dinosaur bone mount in The State of Missouri.


Henry's Excavation Process          



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